Wednesday, September 27, 2017

9/27 Meeting Summary

Hey guys!

Today we got to focus on some of the FTC design. The group got to get on the team's Onshape and work on getting ideas for the base designed and put into the group build. While we worked on that the rest of the team got to thinking about the new intake for Toasty and Moldy. We have chosen to follow a design that we got to see in action back in Vegas on team 4276"s robot. The idea is to have rotating flywheels that can suck in the gears and then rotate the entire apparatus until it is vertical and ready to be placed on the peg. Once on the peg the fly wheel design will allow us to spit it out and keep working, rather than wait on the human player to take it from us. Can't wait to get it designed to fit Toasty. 

- Adam

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