Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9/20 Meeting Summary

Hi everybody!

As a recap of this afternoon's meeting, today we were able to first get the concept down for "Relic Recovery," the just-released FTC challenge, and get an somewhat accurate inventory of all the materials for the FTC group. 

From there we started working on learning the rules and restrictions of Relic Recovery. In the end we were able to reach a consensus over our priorities in the competition and along with that a game plan. We wrapped up the meeting with a discussion of everybody's ideas on how to approach the tasks we prioritized for tackling the challenge. We left with the goal of individually generating design ideas to share at our "every other Friday" meeting this week.

We have at least one member who can collaborate with the FTC group that is meeting on Mondays, and we are looking forward to working with them on this year's challenge!

Here are some resources for Relic Recovery:

The Relic Recovery game video
The Game Manual (part 1)
The Game Manual (part 2)


But that's not all!  We also had a team working on tearing down Toasty so he can be repaired and built back up again!  They learned important lessons like, "don't cut zip ties if you don't have to," and "wow, that Locktite is strong stuff!"  They've almost finished taking Toasty apart, and once that's completed on Friday, we will start repairing Toasty and designing the manipulator for and finishing assembly of Moldy.

Great job today, team! Thanks and see you on Friday!

- Adam, your VP of Robot

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  1. Awesome!

    I can’t wait to see the team’s ideas on Friday.


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