Wednesday, October 18, 2017

10/18 Meeting Summary

Hello Everybody, 

It's been a busy week with Homecoming and all. FTC was able to get out bases finalized and now have started of specifically designing the intake and holding of the foam blocks in the Relic Recovery Challenge. Along with the designs we reached the need of some rails to brace and hold up the stacking pillars on the FTC field. Now we gotta get Toasty fully put back together and get the intake for both Toasty and Moldy fully in CAD so we can start thinking of constructing it. As for FTC we need to get the intake designs finished and see how they can get incorporated into a good base. Have an awesome week guys!

- Adam

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10/4 Meeting Summary

Hey guys! 

Toasty took quite a beating during the course of the competitions last year, so today we are were able to  get get him stripped of parts, sand down all the "problem areas" in his base -- primarily the from facing edges and corners -- , and we ever got all new layers of fiberglass back on those spots. So now Toasty is nice and strong again, but we still need to get some people in their to clean up the new layers of the fiberglass and just get it looking nice and pretty. 

- Adam

Evolution of the Drive Modules

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