Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Hug Take 2

      Today we established our beginning structural model of the H. U. G. base, H. U. G. arms, and H. U. G. pivot point. The FIRST Team 585 produced the necessary parts for the HUG by Using a laser cutter and the additional CAD drawing as a guide for the laser cutter. Once we got our parts all together, we started to assemble the parts by using Hex shafts, bearings, and Hex collars. We used a piece of wood (that consisted of a 1in hole to fit the right bearing) and attached it to the center of a piece of C channel. Once that part was assembled the team attached this to the very center of the base. We made sure to have a piece of wood on both sides of the internal part of the C channel; this gave the Hex shaft a more secured and promising rotation. Finally, we added the Pivot point to the back side of the Hex shaft and added the Hex collar at the end of that to keep it tightly in place; thus putting an end to the day.😀

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