Sunday, January 7, 2018

A fast base for FIRST Power Up!

We are so excited to have shared our holonomic drive code with the FIRST community this year, and are looking forward to potentially using it for the FIRST PowerUp competition. For our strategy, speed will be very important this year so I want to try out the code with a six wheel omni drive. I've started to design a base for the robot using miniCIMs and 6" omni wheels, but I have tried to leave room for 8" wheels, if we feel that they would be a better choice.  I got the drive motors placed and I think I am ready for us to build a prototype base to outfit with the wheels and necessary components so we can hand it over to our programmers for a run through. This is just my idea, nothings final yet. Feel free to share your ideas and make any suggestions you may have.


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