Saturday, January 6, 2018

FIRST PowerUp Day 1!

Kick-Off has come! The FIRST PowerUp Challenge is here! We started this morning with a big team potluck breakfast and lots of our mentors attending too. We are very excited about this year's challenge. We assigned people to groups to research all the rules of the game including penalties, robot restrictions, field set up, game rules, and match play. Once each group was confident in their knowledge of whichever topic they were assigned, they presented their detailed summaries to the everyone else. After everyone had a good understanding of everything we broke off into new groups and began discussing strategy. That lasted quite a long time. However, after a lot of debate, we have decided that our priorities for designing our robot will be the scale and climbing. This week is focused on prototyping proofs of concept. Our goal is to have a good idea of the preliminary design by the end of the day on Saturday so that we can spend the following week dialing the design in based on performance, constraints, weight distribution, materials selection, etc.  This is so exciting!

Remember, we are meeting every day after school, so if you are able to join us, we will be happy to have you there!  See you soon!


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